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ESN Padova - Erasmus Student Network
Via Galileo Galilei, 42
35121 Padova (PD)
Università degli Studi di Padova

ESN Padova - Erasmus Student Network

We are a group of girls and guys, all volunteers, who want to help international and Erasmus students that are coming to study in Padova with settling in and having a great time!

Almost all of us had a study abroad experience and are nostalgic about our nice time we had. Others want to breathe the international atmosphere in Padova.
But all of us can’t wait to meet all the incoming students!
We organise city tours, parties, trips, daily and weekend excursions, dinners, BBQs, linguistic tandems, sport activities, social events, cultural events and much more!
What is our aim?
To welcome all the students, help them discovering this small but fascinating part of the world, and have fun all together!

We support the internationalization of our University and all the Exchange Programs that are offered by working together with the University of Padova in welcoming international and Erasmus students. We do so by collaborating with the Department of International Relations Office and organizing the "Welcome Day" for students coming from abroad.
Here you can see the video of our best event we organise: The Boat Party!

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2 000
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Boat Party

The Boat Party is one of the historical and most important events of ESN Padova. In fact, the 2022 one was the 25th edition in 30 years of ESN Padova history. This is not just a simple boat party, but it is a real day of fun and culture as we let our Erasmus discover the stories and legends of the Venice lagoon and the traditions of its small Murano islands, Burano and Sant'Erasmo.

Every year we organize shuttles that bring about 250 international students from Padova to Fusina port in Venice, where some ESN Padova Volunteers and the boat with its legendary Captain Rudy are already waiting for them.

Once on board, the party begins with open bar, all you can eat food and DJ set.

Gadgets are also delivered to participants, including the special edition glass with the event logo (which can be hang on the neck to not lose it and to be more eco-friendly), a nice memory of this unforgettable event. During the day the ErasmusAwards prize are also delivered to the memorable people that spent the year in Padova.

The first stop is Murano Island where students have the opportunity to discover the ancient art of master glassmakers with a practical demonstration of how they produce magnificent works of art with blown glass, handing down the technique from father to son; we then move on to the Burano Island with its characteristic and unique colored houses, and then we finally land on the Sant'Erasmo Island where the most courageous participants have the opportunity to take a dip in the water.

But it is when the sun is about to set that the real party begins! In the middle of the magical Venetian Lagoon and surrounded by the lights of the romantic Venice. At around 2:00am, after more than 12 hours on the boat, we dock where the shuttles take us back to Padova.

Will you be on board of our boat next year?


Carnival Party

There is another historical and important event we have in Padova. It is also the biggest event ESN Padova have been organizing for 16 editions!

The Carnival Party is an event during Carnival period, but it is not just a simple disco party with 1500 participants, but a whole weekend in which many Italian ESN Sections come to visit the city and ESN Padova Volunteers offer them help in finding accommodation and restaurants for meals, a preparty for those who decide to live to the fullest the spirit of Padova, and our amazing the City Tour to discover all the legends that lie within the walls of this beautiful city.

Every year we decide a new party theme, so you can use your fantasy to disguise yourself and be the soul of the night!


Other Events

The university and the mostly student city offers his 1400 international students the opportunity to come every year in Padova, where ESN organises more than 40 events per semester! (City tours, parties, trips, daily and weekend excursions, dinners, BBQs, linguistic tandems, sport activities, social events, cultural events and much more...)

All this is possible thanks to the ESN Padova Volunteers, who are constantly motivated to do their best, and event after 28 years of history, the organisation is still doing what was originally born for. To give students their best year of their life.