“Erasmus And Sport” Project

Project goals

ESN Italy proposes to foster the healthy-living culture among exchange students by practicing one or more sports during their period in Italy, trying to create further groups with foreign students or, above all, with Italian students, even in an unknown country.

The Italian Network aims at promoting and encouraging - thanks to sports and activities - integration and social cohesion between Italian students and foreign Erasmus or exchange students.

Moreover, it is determined to increase international mobility and awareness of European citizenship, stimulating the young Italian people to live abroad for a short period, according to the new “Erasmus +” programme.

From 2014 to 2020, “Erasmus +” will sustain mobility activities and cooperation for more than four million people. The new programme will put in a single structure all the previously separated activities and will also include actions in the new European competence sector: sport.

It is considered so important that the European Union decided to earmark the 1.8% of such European project funds to sport.

Project description

According to this, ESN Italy proposes “Erasmus And Sport”, aiming at fostering the integration and social cohesion values through sport, meant as a unifying element that highlights equality more than diversity.

The project is divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1: ESN LOCAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Local phase)
  • Phase 2: ESN NEG - National Erasmus Games (National phase)
  • Phase 3: ESN IEG - International Erasmus Games (International phase)

A Board Supporters team (Organizing Committee) works to the development of this project with the help and the coordination of ESN Italy’s Directive.

The importance of “Erasmus And Sport” is to be found in its numbers: with more than 22.000 members in our peninsula, ESN Italy operates through 50+ local sections, each of which works in a close relation with the Italian universities. The most important characteristic of “Erasmus And Sport” is to be found also in the target group: as ESN Italy is used to creating activities for Erasmus students (both incoming and outgoing), this project aims at reaching out not only such people, but also more than 1.000.000 Italian students (especially those who are involved in international exchange programmes).