Local sections of ESN Italy

With the principle of SHS - Students Helping Students - the essence of ESN, the local sections encourage the student mobility providing perspectives, advices and routings to students who are or have been on an exchange, in order to make the period spent abroad more profiteable or the return in their home city less thraumatic.
The local students offer daily assistance to the exchange students and are supported by the academic authorities to create a fruitful interchange enviroment for the exchange students.
every local section usually operates through a Board usually made fo a President, a Vicepreident, Secretary, Treasurer and Local Representative. The Local Representative (LR) usually maintains the communication between the section and the national and international level. Other positions that can easily be found are those of the International Representatives, the Communication Manager and the Webmaster.

ESN Italy

On the nationale level some members of the local sections are active on the National Board (NB), which connetcts the local levels with the international one, and in addition plans the activities and projects to implement during the year. 
The national board organizes national events, national meeting and convenes the National Platform(NP). During the platforms, which, as of 2015, are organized four times a year, all the member sections of the national networks assemble to discuss everything regarding ESN.

As Member of the National Board, the National Representative informs the sections regarding the events happening on the international level and provide the sections' feedback to the International Board .

Roles in the Board of ESN Italy:
• President: coordinates the work of the whole Board and takes care of the institutional and commercial relations. Is the legal representative of the Board;
• Vice presidente: substitute for the President when necessary and mainly takes care of making conventions on the national level;
• Secretary: has the task of transcribing the debates (reports) that take place during the NP and during the Board Meetings. Furthermore, keeps track of the sections' data and inform them of the deadlines;
• Treasurer: keeps the countability, authorizes payments, guarantees the payments of the subscription fees to the national and international network, Moreover, he keeps track of the orders of ESNcards and the relative payments. At the end of the year he produces the closing financial statement and proposes the budget at the beginning of the year;
• National Representative (NR): trasmits to the sections and to the national board the informations coming from the international level and represents the nation at CNR and CND, voicing the opinions of the sections or making decisions in their favor. Moreover, the NR takes care of the existing sections and of the organizations that intend to become part of the network;
• Web and Communication Manager:: takes care of the partnerships and the relations with commercial partners.Manages and keeps updated the institutional website of the organization. Checks the quality of the material published on the social medias of ESN Italy. He/she is responsible of the promotion to third parties of the organization;

In 2008 the  Board of Trusteeshas been introduced in ESN Italy, board that has the task of settling disputes that may arouse between the sections or between the sections and the national board, watching over the financial trend of the organization and makes sure that the work of the National Board conformes with the principles enunciated in the statute. The role of trustee is conferred through election to active members of experience who are in possession of certain requirements, such as having been a member of ESN Italy for at least 3 years.