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What do I need to do to participate?

Fill this form by June 26th at 23:59 CEST and show up at the venue you choose in the form the day of the contest- July 3rd at 1:00 PM CEST.


Which data or documents do I need to include in the application form?

In the application form you will be required to include your personal data, the details related to the University you are enrolled in and the details regarding the mobility program you are participating in. Moreover, you will need to upload to the form a copy of your identity document and a proof that shows that you won a spot for a mobility program.


Can I use the PC or other technological and/or supporting instruments when writing the essay?

You can choose whether to write down on paper or use your own technological instruments.


How will anonymity be granted during grading?

When writing the essay, you will need to write/include on the paper your University ID number only. This information is not shared with the Committees, which cannot therefore trace back to who wrote the essay, making the grading completely anonymous.


I am an outgoing student from University X. Unfortunately in my University there is no ESN Section. Can I participate in the contest anyway?

Yes, all students enrolled in a University owning the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) can participate in the contest even if there is no ESN Section in their University. 


In my University the call for the Erasmus+ program will be published after the contest, but I will definitely apply. Can I participate in the contest even without an Erasmus+ scholarship?

Unfortunately the contest is for students who have won an Erasmus+ scholarship or any other international mobility program; if you have not gotten it yet, you cannot participate.


I am an ESN volunteer, can I participate in the contest?

Absolutely! ESN volunteers can participate in the contest as other students, as this does not influence the taking place of the contest itself and/or the grading. Indeed, your essays will be graded totally anonymously.


When and where will I need to hand over the self-certification of stay?

The documentation for the self-certification of stay will be handed over only in case of winning of the economic contribution. If you win the contest, you will receive the needed communications.


I have been assigned an Erasmus+ scholarship for the a.y. 2022/2023 and I am currently in Erasmus, can I participate in this edition of the contest?

No, the contest is for students leaving for the academic year 2023/2024; those who have won an Erasmus+ scholarship for study or other mobility for the current academic year, and, therefore, have already left, cannot participate in the contest.


In which language do the essays need to be written in?

The allowed languages are Italian and English, at the participant's discretion.


Which are the topics that the contest could cover?

The contest will consist of a short essay about topics related to Europe, European Union or themes related to students' international mobility.


Is the economic contribution out for grabs cumulated with other scholarships from University/institutional?

Yes, the economic contribution can be accumulated as the contest "Il Tuo Erasmus Con ESN" is completely separated compared to University scholarships. The contest is thought to give financial support to outgoing students so it is extra financing, nothing related to or substituting institutional financing.


I have won an Erasmus+ scholarship for traineeship, but it is a post-lauream internship, am I still eligible to participate in the contest?

Yes, as long as you won the scholarship while being enrolled at University.


The prize is €1.000 in total or 1.000€ per month?

Each prize is worth €1.000 once, and the contest is giving away three contributions.


In order to participate, do I need to satisfy all the three requirements or is it enough to win and leave for an Erasmus+ scholarship for studies?

To participate it is enough to satisfy only one of the requirements under art. 2.1 of the Guidelines.


In October I will leave for a 5 months in X with a mobility program different from Erasmus+ and I would like to know whether I can take part in the contest anyway.  

The contest is for ALL students that will leave for a mobility program, either Erasmus+ or of other type, as long as they are leaving for at least 3 months if it is for studying and at least 2 months if it is an internship.