Committees are advisory bodies designed to help ESN Italy and its Sections in some areas, called Areas of Expertise. There are six Committees, each led by a Coordinator, and all have a collegial nature with a minimum of 3 members. To join a Committee, Active Members of the various Sections have to wait for the opening of the Call from the ESN Italy Board, which happens after every National Platform. Then, they need to send, by email, the application for admission to the Coordinator of the chosen Committee, the ESN Italy Secretary and their Section.

ESN Italy has six committees and they are:

Committees Task Coordinatore
Legal Affairs

The Legal Affairs Committee with Luca Adib Tucci as Coordinator. That's the Committee involved in all the matters concerning the juridical field related to ESN Italy and its Sections. The Committee consists of a large majority of jurists, but not only. It deals with the revision and reform of ESN Italy's legal texts (the Statute and Regulations) and those of the Sections, which are required to present to this Committee any amendments of the Statute approved during their assemblies. Moreover, it provides technical advice to the Board, Sections, and other ESN Italy bodies regarding various legal topics. It is also responsible for drafting several agreements, waivers, and other materials associated with the “legal life” of our Association.

Luca Adib Tucci  (ESN Palermo)
Network Care

This is the Committee that takes care of the health of the Network. It has a Sections Support Area, that helps them if they so request, in several fields, from local events to Recruitment and so forth. The Data Analysis Area is the one that is responsible for the Evaluation Questionnaires of the national events and General Assemblies. Finally, the Section in the Spotlight Area cares about choosing a Section particularly worthy for specific events or activities every month and dedicates an article on ESN Italy’s Newsletter and on its website to its merits.

Riccardo Cicinelli (ESN Bari)
Finance Committee - FiCo

This Committee deals with relationships with institutional and private partners through the Commercial Area, and the searches for funding for ESN Italy's activities to aid its Board and the Partnership Manager. This Committee also has a Support to Treasury Area, which helps the abovementioned and local Partnership Managers in the financial management of their Sections.

Marianna Conte
(ESN Siena GES)

Communication - ComCom

That's the Committee which takes care of the various aspects of ESN Italy’s communication. It manages its website and supports Sections from the communicative point of view. It consists of several areas: the Photos&Videos Area, which deals with taking photos and recording videos for ESN Italy’s events, both during and for promotional purposes. Subsequently, it edits and posts them on the various social platforms, by also adding those coming from the Sections. The Graphic Area is in charge of ESN Italy's graphic design and its visual identity, thus creating logos, posters, icons, print materials, and so ahead. The Press Area is engaged in writing ESN Italy’s Newsletter, the ESN Celebrates copies and generally drafts articles and texts to promote and communicate ESN Italy’s activities. The Translation Area is concerned with translating texts of ESN Italy’s communication for its website, partners, and events in general. The Radio Area represents the first Official Radio of ESN Italy’s Network. It consists of both speakers, editors  and sound engineers, technicians, and assemblers. It produces content like podcasts and interviews to ESNers. The Corporate Identity Area focuses on supervising any mistakes or misuses from Sections regarding the ESN logo and its image in general. It advises them on their projects and events to ensure they follow the ESN brand identity.

Luca Mistretta
(ESN Politecnico Milano)
Committee for International Affairs - CIA

This Committee assists the National Representative in achieving the objectives of ESN Italy’s Action Plan related to the international Network. Specifically, the Knowledge Transfer Area (KT) is in charge of spreading the content of the International Network to Members and Sections. Furthermore, to help them, it produces papers such as News from ESN AISBL, the ESN Dictionary, and vademecum for international events. Whatsmore, a specific section has recently been introduced in the monthly newsletter that covers the primary updates about international and statutory events to inform the Italian network. Finally, the International Cooperation Area helps ESN Italy in the activities of international cooperation, such as providing a comfortable stay to the International Guests at NPs, coordinating the creation and monitoring Section Cooperations and implementing Action Plans with SWEP countries and our Buddy Country, namely Poland.

Marco Comotti
(ESN Politecnico Milano)

IT Committee - CommIT

It deals with ESN Italy’s IT part. The WebSupport Area focuses on updating ESN Italy’s websites and manages the event registration system (ERS) used at each national event. Besides, it supports ESN Italy projects that need specific platforms and provides IT help to Sections. The Wiki Area manages the ESN Italy Wiki, facilitates easy insertion of knowledge, and its straightforward access. It handles helping Sections to use and install it by also organising workshops during GAs. The Development Area, instead, is responsible for creating and managing good websites for both local Sections and national levels. Among the platforms it deals with, there is Jupiter, used to manage submissions to events, and Uranus to handle votes.

Filippo Bertoncelli
(ESN Modena)