QUO VADIS? - Discover Italy with ESN

The first National Guide
with the descrtiption of cities, places of interest, things to do, the meeting points, curiosities.. 
created by ESN Italy for Erasmus Students.

Seeking opportunities for personal and academic growth abroad, such as those offered by the Erasmus+ mobility, is a major challenge. In such a decision many factors play a role: personal ones, academic ones and those linked to professional prospectives.
In order to lead its fellow foreign student colleagues, ESN Italy collected in this guide all the useful informations and suggestions to make the best out of a growth experience in our country.
Italy is per se a very desirable destination: our academic enviroment offers the reality of absolute excellence, our art cities are the ideal place where to live and train. This guide is an agile, accesible and complete instrument that makes moving to our country even easier gathering all the existing opportunities.
Because of this, the National Erasmus+ Agency Indire is glad to assist once more ESN Italy, a reality that has always been involved in supporting international students who choose Italy as growth project.

Flaminio Galli
Direttore Generale
Agenzia Nazionale Erasmus Plus - INDIRE



QUO VADIS? - Scopri l'Italia con ESN QUO VADIS? - Discover Italy with ESN