Trace of the contest "Il Tuo Erasmus Con ESN" 2021 edition

The year 2021 has been defined by many as the year of restart, rebirth, resilience, it represents, without a doubt, a great watershed during which we are all called to get back into the game, in the discussion, to focus and centre our goals and resume with new commitment our journey.

An emblem of this is undoubtedly the launch of the "Conference on the Future of Europe", an initiative announced for the two years 2020-2022 on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, which took place on June 9, 1950 and which initiated the process of construction of the various supranational institutions that subsequently became what is now the European Union. 

The Conference on the Future of Europe will be a great opportunity for debate and discussion, through which all European citizens are invited to share their ideas and make their contribution to building the future of our Union.


How will this consultation process take place? 

Through a multitude of initiatives organized throughout the EU and the use of an interactive and multilingual digital platform, where all European citizens will have the opportunity to make their voice heard. Of all the categories of citizens involved, young people are particularly encouraged to participate and share their ideas. 

"People must be at the centre of all our policies. Therefore, I hope that all European citizens will actively contribute to the Conference on the Future of Europe and play a leading role in shaping the priorities of the European Union. Only together can we build the Union of tomorrow." With these words, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen summed up the spirit of this initiative. 


The Conference on the Future of Europe is an unprecedented event: never in recent history has a democratic exercise of such great scope and with such a heterogeneous popular base been initiated, creating a new public space for an open, inclusive and transparent debate with citizens on a series of important priorities and challenges for the future of the European Union, its member states and all stakeholders.


As citizens and first of all as members of the Erasmus Generation, we are therefore called to give our active contribution to this process of change!

For this reason, we propose you get involved and imagine the Future of Europe:

  1. Imagine you are in 2071, a new Conference on the Future of Europe is about to start, exactly 50 years after the current one.

  2. Imagine that you were one of the protagonists of a historic event that significantly changed the development of the European Union and that you played a leading role in this process of change from the year 2021 to the year 2071.

  3. Choose one or more of the Future of Europe Conference priorities (below or at



  1. Tell future generations (through an interview, a speech, a letter, etc.) what your contribution was, what actions you took and what was the impact of your work. Most importantly, tell them what the face of the European Union will look like 50 years from now. 


Arm yourself with creativity and imagination but also with concreteness and tell how you have changed your Europe!


For more information about the Conference on the Future of Europe visit