MapAbility is an EA subproject born officially in October 2013, after the granting of a scholarship from the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. The main objective was to map the accessible places in the athenaeums, in order to create an accessibility platform inside the European universities.​

The initial phase of the project requires, from each section of Erasmus Student Network, the completion of a questionnaire concearning the services and the buildings where students spend most of their time.


Once all the information are gathered, they are entered in an online platform that students with disabilities can consult while choosing their Erasmus destination. They are able to verify the accessibility and every service that the university and the city can offer. The consultation is very simple and intuitive. 

The athenaeums that have been "mapped" are identified by the pink pin. Each pin represents a university building. By clicking on the pin you will see an indicator of the accessibility lvel of that building. 
The levels of accessibility can vary from 1 to 5. To give an idea of the value, a level 3 represent a 40-60% building accessibility.