The Erasmus Sport Week for the new semester continues with another great sport story: the protagonist is the famous bicyclist Marco Pantani.

Marco Pantani and Davide Cassani were having dinner in a pizzeria with some friends. At a certain point a curious discussion arised about the Milan-Sanremo race, some were convinced that Pantani would have been able to win it, Cassani disagreed. The "pirate", had won both Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France, he was listening silently; suddenly Cassani said: "If Marco wins in Sanremo, I will give him my apartment in Cesenatico". The race was held on March the 20th, 1999 and about 20 km from the finish line, on the climb of the Cipressa, Pantani was alone, a lightning shot, a razor that the cameras were struggling to frame; in the end it was taken over by Bartoli and the race was won by the Russian Tchmil. Forty minutes after the end of the ride Cassani's phone rang, it was Marco Pantani, he never called anyone on the phone, and said: "You were afraid for your apartment, eh ?!"

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