The conclusion of the first edition of the project “Eramsus & Sport”, whose main event was the ESN ONE, brings great enthusiasm into ESN Italy’s network and gives the right push to start working immediately on the second edition of the greatest innovation of ESN Italy during the latest years.

The confirmation of the Sport Team - made up by Marco Barbuscio, Alessandro Bursi, Giuseppe Misdea e Luca Tomasicchio - allows certain continuity in the management of the newborn project.

For what it concerns local phases, ESN Italy’s sections have already acquired sport among the principal activities for Erasmus students, who seem highly receptive on such a theme and willing to do sport. Therefore, the local project is nearly “self-managed” by the sections, who train their Erasmus students dreaming with winning the ONE.

Sections periodically organise sport tournaments with the aim of including sport in the everyday activities of international students as well as selecting the best teams and players who will participate in the National Erasmus Olympic Games.

Thus, the second edition of the project “Erasmus & Sport” focuses on a development that goes beyond the local reality by introducing an “international” sport phase (this follows the famous National Erasmus Olympic Games).

In this way, the ESN ONE become a crucial moment for selecting nationally the local teams that will represent ESN Italy at the international level.

In its second version, the project is composed of two phases - National and International - that follow the local, section-managed one:

  • Phase 1: ESN ITALIA ONE - National Erasmus Olympic Games
  • Phase 2: ESN TEAM - inTernational Exchange Athletes Meeting

Phase 1: ESN ITALIA ONE - National Erasmus Olympic Games

To host the second edition of  ONE, two very ambitious projects have been proposed: one by the section of ESN Cagliari and one by two sections together: ESN Maleventum and ESN Salerno PES.  The two projects, very different from each other but both very good, are presented during the National Platform of Pavia, held on the weekend of 10, 11 and 12 October 2014.

The project related to the proposal of the two sections from Campania, which provides for the holding of the tournament in the city of Avellino, wins.

The second edition of ONE will be hosted by the Municipality of Avellino, where ESN Italy, in collaboration with the two sections of ESN Maleventum and ESN Salerno PES, will set up the sports event of the year for Erasmus students.

ESN Benevento was officially founded in 2002 on the initiative of some students returning from the Erasmus program.  The name was later changed in 2006 to ESN Maleventum to recall the historical importance of the city.

ESN SEN Salerno was born in 2011 thanks to the initiative of five ex-erasmus willing to transmit their experience and to stay in touch with the Erasmus world, and becomes a candidate section in October of the same year.  In a few months the group grows and on April 21, 2012 officially enters the network of ESN Italy, forming the 46th Italian section.

The sections of the Campania region have chosen as a place for the development of tournaments the Country Sport of Avellino, a multi-purpose sports center surrounded by greenery, which covers an area of 140,000 square meters and offers many activities including sports, fun and relaxation in the beautiful setting of nature Irpinia.  The hotels where Erasmus students will stay are all located in the town of Mercogliano, about 15 minutes away from the sports facility.

The event will take place during the weekend of 13, 14 and 15 March 2015, with the following program:

THURSDAY 12: Opening conference at the Town Hall of Salerno in the presence of the institutions;

FRIDAY 13: start of the competitions;

SATURDAY 14: continuation of the competitions;

SUNDAY 15: finals and awards.

The winning teams of the ONE of Avellino 2015 will have the opportunity to defend the colors of ESN Italy at the next ESN T.E.A.M. (acronym of inTernational Exchange Atlethes Meeting).

PHASE 2: "ESN TEAM" (26-29 April 2015, Krakow - Poland)

ESN T.E.A.M. (acronym of international Exchange athletes Meeting) is the international sporting event, organized by ESN Italy and ESN Poland, which will be held in Krakow from the 26th to the 29th of March 2015 and which will involve all the winners of the respective national tournaments.

After two national sporting events, organized in spring 2014, respectively in Ascoli Piceno (500 participants) and in Warsaw (200 participants), the two national networks feel ready to undertake an even more ambitious project. This is how ESN TEAM was born, as an international sporting event that will be attended by more than 20 National Networks of ESN (corresponding to as many nations) in what's shaping up to be one of the most ambitious sports projects created by a student association.

The event will be hosted by the four ESN sections of Krakow: ESN AGH Krakow, ESN PK Krakow, ESN UJ Krakow and ESN UEK Krakow, thanks to the availability of facilities suitable for the chosen sports activities at a competitive level.

The sports meeting will begin with an opening conference, organized at the University of Economics, which will be attended by the rectors of the four host universities and all the main promoters of the initiative. Following this, an unforgettable opening ceremony will actively involve all the national delegations present.

As mentioned previously, ESN Italia will represent the winning teams of their respective tournaments (Five-a-side football, Volleyball, 3x3 Basket) of Avellino.