Mov'in Europe

Why Mov'in Europe?

Because mobility is a lifestyle. We, as ESN volunteers and international students, are experiencing this lifestyle. Our mission is to share it, spread it, to fully play our mobility ambassadors' role, to make mobility opportunities more accessible, clearer and break all the barriers and obstacles to mobility, especially for young people. The unique way we can share our experiences, the unique way we can talk to people, the unique way we can dissipate fears gives us a duty to support the institutional promotion of mobility.

What is Mov'in Europe?

Mov'in Europe is an ESN project promoting mobility as a lifestyle, through the engagement of ambassadors in various local, national and international activities. Or, in other words, a way to give something back; to reach the local students and show them what mobility is through activities organised by your ESN section.

Why us?

Because we are the biggest European student association and most of us have been mobile students. Because young people don’t have the right information and we have the knowledge and experience.

What exactly can be a Mov'in Europe activity?

  • Erasmus/Mobility days
  • Mobility fairs (organise one or participate to an existing one organised in your city)
  • Career fairs (organise one or participate to an existing one organised in your city)
  • Sports activities
  • Language activities (tandems)
  • Conferences debating mobility
  • Basically anything that promotes mobility to local students by ambassadors using Mov’in Europe materials.

How to organise a Mov'in Europe activity?

First of all you should take a look at our guidelines. Then get informed yourself about the mobility programmes out there (we’ll also provide you all the information needed). If in doubt share your idea and ask for advice from your National Coordinator or contact us. Now, take your activity to the university or to those stakeholders that can give you support and start Mov’in Europe! 

Why the name Mov'in Europe?

Move in Europe? Moving Europe? But what does moving mean to us? Moving doesn’t only mean going from point A to point B, moving means experiencing something different, getting out of your comfort zone, being an active citizen, broaden your horizons. Mov’in Europe is the best way we found to encompass all these meanings in one word, one title.