While facing this almost unreal situation, there is another emergency: the shortage of blood in health facilities. As a matter of fact, blood donations have decreased significantly from the beginning of March. "Of course!" - you would say - "How can I donate if I cannot go out?"


Actually, you can go to the hospital to make a gesture of solidarity, because we cannot forget about those who need our help, especially at a time like this. In fact, around 1800 patients need transfusions every day, due to chronic pathologies such as anaemia, or due to urgent treatments (just think about cancer patients or people waiting for a transplant).

At all times, even during a global emergency, care must be provided for everyone.  For years, ESN Italy has been emphasizing the importance of blood donation, so much so that it has created, on the occasion of Valentine's Day, the campaign “Dona con Amore" (Donate with Love), aimed at making Erasmus students aware of this great act of love and civic sense. The great beauty of a voluntary association like ours is, however, precisely that of being always ready to take the field!  Today, more than ever, we can continue to help the less fortunate, using the free time we have to continue or start donating!


Now that we've convinced ourselves, how do we move? Here's some simple information.

First of all, in general, we are all potential donors, as long as we are healthy, 18 years of age and weigh at least 50 kilos. To be able to donate, just call the blood transfusion service of your city or associations (AVIS, Croce Rossa, Fidas, Frares) in the area and book an appointment.

In this way, unnecessary mass gatherings and deplacements are avoided. Furthermore, if you are wondering where it is possible to donate, the Ministry of Health has made available an online search system, GeoBlood, where there is a list of the nearest blood collection points.

Also on the websites of the Ministry of Health and the AVIS association, you can find more details on how to behave the day before and after the blood donation.

Now we just have to pick up the phone, and make a simple gesture that costs nothing to us, but it is worth a lot to others!