Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is organising the Social Inclusion Days initiative during which more than 500 local associations in 41 countries will advocate for inclusive mobility programmes and will organise activities to bring together international students and local communities through volunteering.

The two-week initiative, running from the 20th of November until the 4th of December 2019, will also provide opportunities for international students to expand their knowledge of their host countries’ cultures. While experiencing their Erasmus+ exchange, young people will take part in impactful activities focusing on social inclusion, from visits to local schools and nursing homes to awareness events. ESN volunteers will use their knowledge to inspire social change and unite people from all different backgrounds and ages. 

Last year, 19,100 international students engaged with more than 40,800 members of their local communities with the help of 2,400 ESN volunteers!

“With the Social Inclusion Days imitative we aim to mobilise thousands of international students across Europe to have an active role in their host community. During these two weeks, our network across 41 countries will join forces with universities and other civil society organisations to develop volunteering activities which will give the opportunity to international students to interact with their local communities meaningfully. ESN believes that the study abroad experience should be complemented with non–formal components in order to promote civic engagement and global citizenship, two important elements to tackle everyday societal challenges.” - Kostis Giannidis, President of the Erasmus Student Network

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is the biggest student association in Europe. Present at over 1000 Higher Education Institutions, it unites over 500 local associations in 41 countries. More than 15,000 volunteers take care of international colleagues under the motto “Students helping students”. ESN works for the creation of a more mobile and flexible education environment by supporting and developing the student exchange from different levels and providing an intercultural experience.