The collaboration between ESN Italia and Legambiente continues and is renewed with the student association joining the international environmental campaign Puliamo Il Mondo

This project was born in Australia under the name "Clean Up the World" on the initiative of a sailor, Ian Kiernan, who was disgusted and impressed by the enormous amount of waste encountered at sea during his crossings. It became an international campaign and then a global one thanks to the collaboration with the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), it was embraced in Italy by Legambiente in 1993.

Today, it represents one of the largest voluntary environmental campaigns in the world. Indeed, many citizens are mobilising to clean up green areas, parks, city areas, rivers and beaches. It is therefore a way for the whole community to reclaim a degraded area. Over the years, the sense of redevelopment has also been extended to society, promoting greater inclusiveness and interculturality.

It is therefore a campaign that aims to rethink society, its dynamics and its spaces into one which is more sustainable and attentive to the needs of all.

These values are totally supported by ESN Italy, in fact they coincide with 4 out of 6 causes of the association of international students, namely: Environmental Sustainability, Social Inclusion, Culture and Health & Well-being. It is also an opportunity to promote active citizenship, the concept of non-formal education (learning by doing) and collaboration with other organisations in the area, all of which are the association's core principles. 

For this reason, it was decided to join the campaign, which takes place ideally from 25 to 27 September 2020, embracing its principles and promoting events and activities at national and local level throughout Italy.

On the occasion of this campaign and in order to give all Sections the opportunity to take part in it, possibly involving local Legambiente circles, ESN Italy has decided to launch another Green Month.

This time it will have only one central theme, namely the campaign itself, but in order to encourage the organisation of activities at local level, a contest has been designed in which the most creative and deserving sections will be awarded. The categories at stake are the following:

- Best online activity

- Best online game

- Best Cineforum

- Best seminar/Webinar

- Best volunteer activity

- Best cleaning

- Best fundraising activity

With this article, ESN Italy officially kicks off the initiative and wishes good work and good luck to all Sections of the Network!


Team Environmental Sustainability of ESN Italy