The winner of Section in the Spotlight for the month of April is ESN ASSI Parma, thanks to the project "Erasmus meets BLSD". The Section invested 2000 euros to finance the BLSD patent, valid all around Europe, to 50 Erasmus students.
The opening conference took place on the 5th of March and it was held by many important speakers.
BLSD courses were run in Italian, English and Spanish by the Italian Public Assistance and the Red Cross on the 6th, 7th, 11th and 13th of March.
During these lessons, the students learnt the basic, essential first aid maneuvres in case of heart attack, its prompt identification and further steps that can be carried out also by non-healthcare professionals. Moreover, they practised the Heimlich, emergency and first aid manoeuvres.
The project highlighted the importance of an early and prompt intervention to save human lives.