This month we have decided to put in the spotlight the event organized by ESN ENEA Modena called “CommeEUnity - Building the future together”.


The elections of the European Parliament are coming up, and being this a crucial event for the future of Europe, the volunteers of ESN ENEA Modena have organized a conference at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia to shed some light on topics regarding Europe and student mobility.

In this occasion it was imperative to create a dialogue between local institutions and students, therefore among the invited attendees there were: the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University, Sergio Ferrari, the Councillor for Europe and International Cooperation of the City of Modena, Andrea Bosi, and Elly Schlein, Member of the European Parliament.


In particular, the topics discussed were about how the Erasmus generation has changed and will keep changing the city of Modena, the whole country and Europe too. By highlighting how the students as well as the society can benefit from the Erasmus Project, they tried to answer the question “How do you build a university which is shaped around the needs of international and local students?”.

Congratulations to the ESN ENEA Modena section for having shown their commitment and interest on European matters.