This month the section of ESN Macerata, thanks to its Clown Therapy event, was chosen as "Section in the Spotlight". In collaboration with the associations "Il baule dei sogni" and "Amadown", the guys from ESN Macerata managed to organize a "Clown Therapy" event as part of the ExchangeAbillity project.


The volunteers of the two associations together with the Erasmus students did not carry out the usual activity of Clown Therapy. Erasmus students and volunteers dressed up as clowns avoiding the make up typical of the clowns, as children thought about it.


The theme of diversity and disability is close to everybody’s heart and this was a great time to break the mental and physical barriers that can divide us from those labeled as "different".


Erasmus Student Network Macerata was founded in 2007 by the will of two former Erasmus of Macerata. In no time, it becomes almost a point of reference for all international students staying in Macerata. Thanks to the collaboration with the International Relations Center, it is able to offer a whole series of services and activities such as: pick-up at the station, assistance and orientation in finding accommodation until the stipulation of the lease contracts according to the needs of the students; a help desk service for direct contact and continuous information with Erasmus.