Our Section In The Spotlight of July is ESN Palermo with its delicious event "L'arancina è fimmina - ESN cooking class".

The long-standing Italian section, a member for 10 years, which welcomes an average of 150 Erasmus students per year, which usually organizes for them language tandems, guided tours of the city, themed parties, this time has worked hard to organize an original cultural event: a cooking class to learn how to prepare the undisputed queen of Palermo, the arancina!

The event took place in a charming place, in Baida, in a veranda with a sea view, to revive the atmosphere of spring lunches with the family. The event could not do without the help of grandmothers, thanks to them, the ESNers collected the best recipes to give their Erasmus the pleasure of tasting the authenticity of Palermo’s tradition.

The lesson was divided into three phases. The first, more cultural, consisted of a brief explanation of the history and legend of the arancina; phase two, the theoretical one, was a necessary and inevitable step-by-step explanation of how to proceed; the third and final phase, could only be the implementation of this explanation.

The Erasmus students, divided into groups, had fun making arancine, which were then eaten in no time, a sign that everyone had been an excellent cook!