TheatrErasmus is a cultural project realized by the Italian section of ESN Roma 3. It consisted of a show titled “They call it Theatre” and it took place on the 7th of February. Erasmus students and ESNers acted in it and performed monologues and pieces taken from classics as “Big Kahuna”, “Dead Poets Society” and many more.
This is a flagship project that allows the participants to express their emotions freely.

ESN Roma 3 has won the February-edition of Section in the Spotlight thanks to the cultural project TheatrErasmus.
Despite having been introduced recently, this event has already become the flagship project. On the 7th of February, Erasmus students and ESNers performed in a show titled “They call it Theatre” with the aim of entertaining the audience. They presented themselves through the words of well-known figures of theatre, literature, cinema and television. They interpreted pieces and monologues taken from well-known classics such as “The Great Dictator”, “Big Kahuna”, “Dead Poets Society”, “Friends” and many more.

The students prepared the final show with the help of a teacher and professional actor during lessons that took place in the preceding months. Erasmus students had the chance not only to put themselves forward but also to express their emotions freely.