GET TO KNOW THE SAMISI Project – Episode 2


The previous "Get to know the SAMISI Project" described the first phase of SAMISI – Stimulating Awareness on Migration through Integration and Social Inclusion, a project which aims at raising awareness on the themes of immigration, cultural diversity, and social inclusion. The first phase took place in the month of May and it saw the 5 participating sections committed to organizing the first of the three local events. In the month of June, the second phase of the project was opened, in which the sections are engaged in the organization of the second local events. 


The section of ESN Macerata started the ball rolling with "Volleyball match: Sport 4 Inclusion", which consisted in organizing a volleyball match and a set of activities aimed at discovering other cultures. After the match, the participants were delighted with a buffet prepared by "Bonobo 2 pinseria", a restaurant which also embraces ESN's spirit, as it aspires to the inclusion of frail people in the working world. 


Then it was the turn of the volunteers of ESN Pisa with their "INTERNATIONAL PICNIC", conceived as a perfect moment to get to know each other, exchange opinions, and discover other cultures by sharing traditions and culinary habits from different countries. Moreover, the international students were asked to bring typical food from their own countries to the picnic and share its history, and so did some of the international restaurants in Pisa, which contributed by letting everyone taste their food, coming from Indian, Greek, Syrian-Lebanese and Mexican cuisine in particular, and by telling their own stories.


In occasion of World Refugee Day, ESN Napoli decided to organize "MEETgration: Visiting the Istituto San Gabriele for World Refugee Day", an event in collaboration with Centro Astalli Sud, a non-profit organization with a long history in working with refugees and with members of the local community. During the event, which took place in a small municipality of Naples, Grumo Nevano, the participants had the chance to take part in a set of activities, games with questions on the theme of migration, a little concert, and lastly an international lunch with cous cous, sushi, and Italian food.


"Night at the Mosque: an international experience" is the event organized by ESN Brescia. The event was conceived as a visit to the Islamic Cultural Centre of Brescia, and it included a moment of discussion with the Giovani Musulmani Italiani (Young Italian Muslims). This allowed the participants to ask questions, to clear up doubts and curiosities, as well as to take part in a set of activities to improve the understanding of the islamic culture, such as learning how to wear a veil. The event also included a buffet.


Article by Milena Faccenda

Translation by Margherita Giordano