Here we are at the third and last phase of SAMISI – Stimulating Awareness on Migration through Integration and Social Inclusion, the project which started in May and aimed at raising awareness on the themes of immigration, hospitality, and social inclusion. By organizing 3 local events, in the past 3 months, the 5 lead Sections had the chance to show the Network what they learnt during the Training Course that took place in Rome.

The event thought up by ESN Macerata is an International Dinner to promote diversity and inclusion even when sitting at a dining table, between the preparation of one dish and another. It also included a set of sensory and recreational activities. It was an incredible opportunity for the cultural exchange of popular songs, culinary traditions, and even clothing habits!

"A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE – Come mettersi nei panni dei migranti" is the name of the third and last event proposed by ESN Pisa, a workshop on how to create empathy with migrants. In fact, participants could learn more information on this topic, as well as empathize concretely with some migration stories and share their narrations and emotions.

ESN Brescia held the event "The world comes to Brescia", an intercultural exchange under the form of a picnic at the Castelli Park. Each participant brought something from their native country, which included not only food but also stories, poems, songs, dances and much, much more! Aimed at sharing traditions from different countries, the picnic allowed for a great intercultural enrichment!

It was the volunteers from ESN Napoli who closed the circle with "MEETgration - Episode 3: Summer Aperitif and International Picnic". The event aimed at helping participants to get to know each other by sharing stories, objects, and traditions from their cultures. In order to reach this goal, ESN volunteers organised several activities and games to take part in. Exotic fruit was served as a refreshment for the participants.

The 5 Sections that took part in this project undertook a wonderful journey of discovery, learning about new cultures, habits, and traditions, but they also undertook a learning and growing path that allowed the volunteers to tackle and become more aware of some themes that are particularly delicate and relevant nowadays, such as immigration and social inclusion.


Milena Faccenda & Francesca Pezzella

Translation by Margherita Giordano & Roberta Sandri