Green Month 2.0, the campaign with which ESN Italia aims to increase the environmental sustainability of the entire Network, has just ended. For this particular edition, the main objective was to promote the collaboration with Legambiente, the most widespread environmental association in Italy, and with other trade associations. Indeed, Legambiente has been collecting data on our country's ecosystems for 40 years and using them to promote active citizenship and fight against the environmental and social problems that afflict our world. As mentioned in the launch article, this Green Month began at the end of September precisely to support one of the historic campaigns of this association, Clean up the World. For the occasion and to encourage the Sections to do activities, a category contest was launched to reward the most deserving, and incredible and creative events came out despite the difficulties linked to Covid. 

Since there were equally valid activities and some categories were not covered, we chose more than one event for some of them.

Hereafter we present the winners:

  • for best online activity/game, ESN GEG Genova is awarded for two events: Reduce, reuse, recycle!: a series of tutorials in which ESNers and international students show how to recycle objects that would otherwise be destined for landfill; and the digital Flash Mob video We don't want to end up like dinosaurs, during which students showed sentences about ecology by provocatively wearing dinosaur masks.
  • for best seminar/webinar: ESN Venice for Green Month 2.0, although it is neither a seminar nor a webinar, it is a relevant and original information event. It is a three-day interactive Instagram campaign on plastic, paper, plants and waste. 
  • as the best volunteering activity: ESN Modena's Bike Tour, an original 40 km bike tour to discover Lake Garda and sustainable mobility; and ESN Brescia's One with nature, which combined a sustainable barbecue with a hiking tour, asking each participant to do their part by bringing their own dishes from home and consuming zero-km food or with a low impact in terms of waste generated. 
  • for the best cleaning: equally are the Clean up of the canals of Venice by ESN Venezia, the cleaning by ESN Teramo and the one by ESN Milano Bocconi, ESN Milano IULM and ESN Milano Unicatt. The first one was an original gondola cleaning of the canals, involving other city organisations and allowing Erasmus students to take a tour. The second one consisted of a cleaning in collaboration with the local section of Legambiente, followed by a discussion on topics very close to the participants, i.e. the problem of waste in the city, thus becoming a model of stimulation for active citizenship. The third and last one was rewarded for the collaboration between sections and the important moment of reflection as a highlight of the clean-up.

ESN Italia congratulates the winners and thanks all the Sections that participated in this Green Month 2.0 even by just sharing its contents, since the main objective remains that of increasing the awareness of members and population by sharing reliable information on environmental issues and promoting active citizenship.


Team Environmental Sustainability di ESN Italia