Congratulations to ESN Milano Statale, winner of the title of Section in the Spotlight for the month of June!


During the Network Exchange Forum, the Section collaborated with RECUP, an association aimed at reducing food waste by selecting the unsold food by the closing time at the local markets in Milan. The objective is to avoid useless food waste and, at the same time, recover and distribute food before it gets thrown away. The result? A new, totally barrier-free environment where worthless things on the economic level gain a social value by helping people in need.


The Section involved its Erasmus students by organising a tour to the local markets together with the association. Once there, they recovered food from the retailers involved in the initiative and divided edible products by the ones used as organic compound in the botanical gardens of the city. At the end of this process, anyone could take whatever they needed but always with respect for others and, if there was some leftover, it was offered to other associations. In this way, they could reach and involve a higher number of people.


During the NETx, which took place in Milan from the 9th to the 12th of May, the selected and recovered food was directly used for the event. As a matter of fact, the recovered fruits and vegetables were offered to the volunteers at lunches and coffee breaks, and at breakfasts jam - directly produced with some kilos of strawberries bought in the morning at the market - was never missing!