Focus on reciprocity - New Welsh International Learning Exchange scheme


On Sunday, March 21st, the Welsh Government announced the launch of an International Learning Exchange Programme for Wales. Following the UK Government’s decision to withdraw from the Erasmus+ scheme, Wales has been investigating “alternative approaches to build on existing, and develop new, international learning partnerships, based on reciprocity and mutual respect.”

Erasmus+ annual work programme 2021

It all starts here.

On March 25th, the European Commission adopted the first annual work programme of Erasmus+ 2021-2027.

With a budget of €26.2 billion (compared to €14.7 billion for 2014-2020), complemented with about €2.2 billion from EU's external instruments, the new and revamped programme aims to fund learning mobility and cross-border cooperation projects for 10 million Europeans of all ages and all backgrounds. It will seek to be even more inclusive and to support the green and digital transitions, as set out in the European Education Area. Erasmus+ will also support the resilience of education and training systems in the face of the pandemic.

The Erasmus Student Network has previously pointed out that there are mostly positive news with the new Programme, but also that there is not enough money available to achieve the ambitious goals. After a year of decreased mobility as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions, ESN now stands ready to help a new generation of young students integrate into their new host country.

Food, climate justice and community: Young people as protagonists of change with the Food Wave project


ESN wins Job Bridge Award for the work done in the field of competence development

Erasmus Student Network has won the Job Bridge Award for the work done in the field of competence development, and the creation of the validation of volunteer work process for ESN. The award aims to promote projects and initiatives aimed at validation of learning outcomes in volunteer work. The award ceremony took place at the 10th REVEAL conference, this year hosted by the consortium of the projects CIM , PITCH and Job Bridge on December 10th and 11th, 2020. The conference brought together professionals from formal and informal education, businesses, chambers, NGOs, National Agencies, the EACEA, volunteers and students from all over Europe to focus on new approaches to embed creative, innovative and digitally supported learning approaches in various educational contexts.