There are people who look forward to the start of the soccer season so as to take part in the Fantasy Soccer auction with their friends. Others wait for the new season of their favourite series to start. Some are thrilled at the idea of wearing their leather jacket on cool nights. And others convince themselves to join the gym, feeling this could be the right time to get in shape. Then, here we are - the ESNers -, who only look forward to the Welcome Days. Despite their simplicity, these two words hold the essence of the ESN: welcoming international students to the Italian cities where they will study or do an internship and make them feel at home - even if they are kilometers away.

During the Welcome Days, ESN Sections introduce themselves to the international students for the first time. So, no better occasion to prepare the best activities! Among them, events that highlight both the beauty of Italian cities and multiculturality, such as City Tours, Treasure Hunts, Language Tandems and International Dinners. Also bonding activities such as picnics, sports tournaments and karaoke nights are very welcome.


Green Month: From Farm To Fork

Healthy, planet-friendly nutrition? Let's green our health!

Can we cook in a way that is healthy for our bodies and our planet? The answer is yes! You may think we are talking about vegetarian and vegan diets: instead, we are talking about food waste. How much food ends up in our bins every day? How often do we let the food in our pantry or fridge expire due to carelessness? How often do we throw away the parts that seem less noble or waste rather than thinking about reusing them? Today we are going to help you understand how to avoid this with some simple measures, that will not only be good for your health, but also for the environment and, why not, for your finances.

Food waste is one of the most impactful phenomena worldwide, a symptom of poor management and distribution of food resources. According to the FAO, food losses account for 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, an important percentage considering that the global food supply chain is responsible for more than a third of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. The Food Waste Index 2021, the United Nations' report on food waste, shows that most of the losses occur at a household level: every single person globally wastes 121 kilos of food per year, a staggering number!