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I’m Beatriz Barreto, a “Students for Expo” Ambassador. I’m 22 years old and originally from Brazil, but now I’m doing my Double Degree in Environmental Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

Matteo Gentilini's Interview @ Portugal NP

Tiago Costa, VP ESN International Candidate

- Did you know about the Expo in Milan before?

Yes, since I have been in AGM Milan I remember all the promotion in the city, and it was also very important in Lisbon in 1998, it was a turning point for the city, it completely changed the area where it was located, it turned it into one of the most modern area of Lisbon.

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12/2/15 Thursday

#Students4Expo: Markos' Interview @ Romanian NP

Short Interview with ESN Romania President Alexandra Nicorici & PR Manager Ioana Petrescu


Did you know about the Expo in Milan before?

I: Actually no, I knew about the one in Shanghai… 

A: Ive heard about it last week, at the CNR..  But I think right now we understood better what was happening.


#Students4Expo: Markos' blog [Brasov]

15 February 2015, Brasov.

Our Romanian adventure began with a slight delay at Bucharest Airport, as we had no way of contacting our host, National President Alexandra, but we soon found her after a short rendezvous with free wifi at a Cafe. With her was Irish NP, Kenny, a spirited guy who was to deliver a leadership workshop.

#Students4Expo: Markos' Interview @ Estonian NP


Did you know about the Expo in Milan before?

J: “I heard about it first today, so I hadn’t heard about it before…

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Markos Hughes, Estonia Blog


#SocialErasmus' pills: visita antico ghetto ebraico di Camerino - Giornata della MEMORIA

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Friday, January  23rd



27 gennaio, Giornata della Memoria: per non dimenticare

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Friday, January 9:

It’s Friday, a difficult week is over and it’s now time to pack my things and leave Italy for the next ESN adventure.

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Day 1 Friday afternoon - Bergamo 

"What dress should I wear for the presentation?" This was the question I had on my mind on Thursday and Friday. "Well, I know...my outfit is not that connected to human safety or other important world matters, I mean, nobody will probably notice it - it's a conference, not the red carpet!" ...but I also thought, I am still a girl and everything depends on how comfortable girls are with themselves... so, yeah, the right dress could help a lot!

#myErasmusStory o di come convinsi quel prof a mandarmi a Leicester

#ESNCelebrates o di come quel giorno Rosa Parks disse di no

Ogni anno, il primo dicembre, il mondo si concentra sulla prevenzione dell’AIDS; niente di più giusto.

Ogni anno però, il primo dicembre, il mondo si dimentica di Rosa Parks.

La storia, in realtà, è piuttosto conosciuta. Rosa Parks, una donna afroamericana, stava tornando a casa in autobus dal suo lavoro a Montgomery. Non trovando altri posti liberi, occupa il primo posto dietro alla fila riservata ai soli bianchi, nel settore dei posti comuni. 

ICE 2013 o di campeggi, avventura e angeli custodi