Life In Motion:
A documentary about the "Erasmus Generation"

Mobility as a life style. This is the message of ESN Italy’s documentary "Life in motion", produced in collaboration with the National Agency Erasmus+/Indire. 

This project aims to show how European and International mobility needs to be considered as a lifestyle chosen by always more young people ready to go in search of new experiences, not necessarily just academic.

Filmed in Germany, France, Modena and Pescara, this documentary follows the ideal typical day of four kids, all very different from one another but united by the same experience of mobility. Timea and Angela are two Hungarian Erasmus students in Pescara. In their early twenties, shy and reserved, they decide to apply for the Erasmus scholarship and in a matter of a few months they find themselves thrown into a very different reality from the one they were used to. 

Alberto from Modena on the other hand, got back from his Erasmus in Seville and is now a volunteer for ESN Modena. He tells us how becoming a part of the association Erasmus Student Network was the next big step after his experience abroad which allowed him to keep breathing international gulps of air which he had so appreciated while he was in Spain and to rediscover his own city. 

Lastly Davide, Ex-President of Erasmus Student Network International is currently an agent in the service of the Council of Europe in Bruxelles, he is a symbol of the natural professional evolution that belongs to many of the people part of this Erasmus Generation, so strongly discussed and ever more present in topical debates.

This project is first and foremost an act of love for this association, so strongly present today than it has ever been in so many aspects of student life. ESN Italy, through various projects like Erasmus in Schools, SocialErasmus and the advocacy campaign #GenerazioneSenzaVoto for the right to vote for Erasmus students to be exercised directly from abroad, is strongly emerging amongst the other Italian student associations. But it’s the story of this Erasmus generation in all its nuances. Life in Motion in fact not only tells the story of those who are currently abroad, but also of those who got back and of the changes brought to those who once they had left never stopped; making of mobility a true lifestyle.

A 360° outlook on a generation in continuous motion, willing to overcome any geographical or cultural barrier, discovering new places and rediscovering themselves throughout this journey.

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