Short Interview with ESN Romania President Alexandra Nicorici & PR Manager Ioana Petrescu


Did you know about the Expo in Milan before?

I: Actually no, I knew about the one in Shanghai… 

A: Ive heard about it last week, at the CNR..  But I think right now we understood better what was happening.


What did you think of the Students4Expo presentation?

I: It was good, they tried to present all the aspects, and they started to engage us, in participating, and they managed to do good promotion & advertisement about it.

A: I really liked it, I heard about it before, but right now, I got a lot more insights and I was very excited to see that a lot of our members were vey interested in participating in this project.


How do you think this well benefit or effect European students if they volunteer?

I:  For sure they will get a lot of international connections. And they will also find out how is a huge event like this organised. And for their professional development also, they will get insight into events, and for sure they will improve events within their own section at ESN events.

A: I think its an amazing opportunity for European students to go volunteer at such an event. Even though its quite for a short period of time, its very great to see how such a big event can be organised. And at the same time its very important for them to meet business people, and also learn more about maybe fitting in maybe saving the planet.


Markos Hughes