Did you know about the Expo in Milan before?

J: “I heard about it first today, so I hadn’t heard about it before…

I had heard of the name before,but I wasn’t sure what it was.”

A: “I had heard of the Expo, quite a lot, but not about the Students for Expo, the one you were promoting, its the first time I had about it, but the Expo I knew about.”

What did you think of the Students4Expo presentation?

A:” Well for me, it was interesting, I had a few words with Karly, and we were thinking,

hey, lets go? I am thinking of taking part, because for me the objective of the Expo is something that is.. really really interesting, and is one of my fields as well.But I will definitely need to get more information on how it works. But everything about the concept got me really interested fast.”

J: “Well for me, I really enjoyed the environmental aspect of it, so I am really happy to here about that… And as an ESNer, you’re always really happy to here about things, and think “oh I want to be apart of it”, So I was also interested in it.”

How do you think this well benefit or effect European students if they volunteer?

A:”Well I think it will effect a lot because, you said there were 900 people volunteering?

(Then) there is 900 more young people, really active people,who have been to Expo, and they’re all informed,because they will take part in Expo for 2 weeks, and they’re really really informed activists basically, that go back to their countries across Europe, and I think it will generate a lot of good things.”

J: “I think firstly that, its a really good opportunity for young people, to get to practice in volunteer work, or any kind of work actually, and I love that it will give a lot of knowledge about the topics, so basically they will be spreading the word about the environmental issues.. so yeah!”