Blog Zurich


I’m Beatriz Barreto, a “Students for Expo” Ambassador. I’m 22 years old and originally from Brazil, but now I’m doing my Double Degree in Environmental Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

My first assignment as an ambassador was to go to Zurich and present the program. I was quite nervous, since after all I knew little about ESN and didn’t know that well what to say. Moreover, I wasn’t sure that Swiss people would have been very “welcoming”.  Fortunately I was quite wrong. I must say that they were very nice, and this made me feel more comfortable during my presentation. They also showed interest in the project, which was very rewarding to me. The first time is always the hardest time.

I also enjoyed visiting the city: Zurich is a very beautiful place, even though a little cold. My first thought when I arrived and saw Swiss people wearing light clothes in the middle of the night was “how can they do it?”.

It was a great experience, and as an exchange student, it was amazing to see other students planning the next events for us, putting so much effort in it. Thank you all, ESNers!

See you!