#FiatLikesU passa da Pisa

Il mio coinvolgimento nel progetto FiatLikesU è iniziato nello scorso aprile 2014 da Pisa, città in cui frequento l’Università. Vi spiegherò qual è stato il mio percorso.

Ho deciso di candidarmi come Fiat Ambassador dopo aver visto un articolo sul sito di FIAT. Ho pensato subito che potesse essere una bella opportunità per una prima esperienza di lavoro avendo la possibilità di conoscere da vicino una grande azienda come FIAT.

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#Students4Expo: Beatriz' blog

Blog Zurich


I’m Beatriz Barreto, a “Students for Expo” Ambassador. I’m 22 years old and originally from Brazil, but now I’m doing my Double Degree in Environmental Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

Matteo Gentilini's Interview @ Portugal NP

Tiago Costa, VP ESN International Candidate

- Did you know about the Expo in Milan before?

Yes, since I have been in AGM Milan I remember all the promotion in the city, and it was also very important in Lisbon in 1998, it was a turning point for the city, it completely changed the area where it was located, it turned it into one of the most modern area of Lisbon.

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12/2/15 Thursday

#Students4Expo: Markos' Interview @ Romanian NP

Short Interview with ESN Romania President Alexandra Nicorici & PR Manager Ioana Petrescu


Did you know about the Expo in Milan before?

I: Actually no, I knew about the one in Shanghai… 

A: Ive heard about it last week, at the CNR..  But I think right now we understood better what was happening.


#Students4Expo: Markos' blog [Brasov]

15 February 2015, Brasov.

Our Romanian adventure began with a slight delay at Bucharest Airport, as we had no way of contacting our host, National President Alexandra, but we soon found her after a short rendezvous with free wifi at a Cafe. With her was Irish NP, Kenny, a spirited guy who was to deliver a leadership workshop.

#Students4Expo: Markos' Interview @ Estonian NP


Did you know about the Expo in Milan before?

J: “I heard about it first today, so I hadn’t heard about it before…

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Markos Hughes, Estonia Blog


#SocialErasmus' pills: visita antico ghetto ebraico di Camerino - Giornata della MEMORIA

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Friday, January  23rd



27 gennaio, Giornata della Memoria: per non dimenticare

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Friday, January 9:

It’s Friday, a difficult week is over and it’s now time to pack my things and leave Italy for the next ESN adventure.

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Day 1 Friday afternoon - Bergamo 

"What dress should I wear for the presentation?" This was the question I had on my mind on Thursday and Friday. "Well, I know...my outfit is not that connected to human safety or other important world matters, I mean, nobody will probably notice it - it's a conference, not the red carpet!" ...but I also thought, I am still a girl and everything depends on how comfortable girls are with themselves... so, yeah, the right dress could help a lot!

#myErasmusStory o di come convinsi quel prof a mandarmi a Leicester